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Conduit [A Collection of Poems and Short Stories by Jon Goode] the e-book Available NOW on


Thanks to you Conduit [A Collection of Poems and Short Stories by Jon Goode] is the #1 New Release in African American Poetry on!  You can grab your own copy at

Stage One | The e-book | Conduit

My book Conduit [A Collection of Poems and Short Stories by Jon Goode] is available as an ebook on I am of course, very excited about this. It has been a labor of love that has come to fruition. Later this week (Wed. or Thurs.) the hard copy of the book will be available (Stage Two), and early next week I'll be able to present the audio book (Stage Three). Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement during this process. If you'd be kind enough to grab a copy I'd greatly appreciate it. If you'd be gracious enough to write a review I'd be overjoyed. If you'd be loving enough to tell a friend about it I'd be forever in your debt. Thank you again! #GoodeTimes


Early reviews:

When on stage Jon Goode has a remarkable way of entertaining his audiences while simultaneously encouraging them to reflect profoundly on the critical issues of the day. This gift has been perfected and transferred to the written page in Conduit. Through poetry and prose Jon grants a glimpse of the world through his eyes artfully creating a relationship with his reader. The joys and pains, laughter and rage experienced in its pages become personal for each reader forcing an engagement with societies ills as if defending and protecting a loved one. Conduit is a book to be read, shared, and re-read over and over again.

-Tamara A. Stewart, MDiv

Hebrew Bible Scholar / Spiritual Advisor


Jon Goode has the rare ability to relay experiences and emotions in such a way that you're not quite sure if he's talking about his life or your own. Conduit is funny, it's smart, it's touching. After reading it you can't help but feel a little more connected to humanity.

Dr. Lia Bascomb, Professor, Department of African American Studies, GSU


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